March 2021 : Oras Competition

The Oras competition was created this year by the Essex/France Double Degree Association. It is organised in partnership with the Franco-British Jurist Association (Association des Juristes Franco-Britanniques) and the Queen Mary Sorbonne Jurist Association (Association des Juristes de Queen Mary Sorbonne).

Its aim is to bring together students from several double degree programs in English and French law, spread across France and the UK. Pleadings are held in French or English, depending on the round. This is a great opportunity to meet and exchange (even in a virtual context).

The first rounds took place over the last few months and weeks. The competing students had the opportunity to be heard by prestigious juries including Ms Estelle Cros and Ms Holly Gallagher, Liaison Magistrates in the UK and France respectively, Mr Leonardo Carpentieri and Mr Frédéric Goldberg, Presidents of the British and French sections of the Franco-British Jurist Association (Association des Juristes Franco-Britanniques) as well as Mr Duncan Fairgrieve, Professor of Comparative Law at the University of Paris-Dauphine and a barrister.

The final will take place Saturday, March 27th at 2:00 PM. The members of the jury will include Mr Ian Forrester QC, former Judge at the Court of Justice of the European Union, Mrs Sylvaine Poillot-Peruzzetto, Professor and Adviser at the Court of Cassation, as well as Mrs Vivienne Forrest, Academic Director at the Franco-British Jurist Association (Association des Juristes Franco-Britanniques).  The participants will work on criminal law and contract law topics.

If you wish to watch the final and cheer on the participants, the Zoom link can be accessed from the following links: Instagram or LinkedIn.

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