June 2021 : Exchange Theatre

This month we’ll be talking about Exchange Theatre’s great initiative to mark its 15th anniversary.

Each year Exchange Theatre produces its own festival, during which the troupe and its amateur community take turns sharing the stage. Unfortunately, it was not possible to organise this festival this year nor last year, due to the ongoing pandemic.

Exchange Theatre intends, however, to celebrate its 15th birthday with dignity and pride! This summer, the company decided to put online its annual season as well as two productions: The Cat in (re) Boots, which was performed on the stage of the French Institute of the United Kingdom, and In Exchange, a documentary centred on the vision of the company and its creative process. It enables us to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes (in particular for the preparation and performance of Molière’s Le Misanthrope): a wonderful opportunity to immerse ourselves in the troupe.

For more information on the www.exchangetheatre.com and/ or by email at press@exchangetheatre.com.

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