Le Club – Rental Conditions






1. Definitions

Date” means the date the Member wishes to use the Club.

“Deposit” means the sum payable by the Member to the FAFGB.

“FAFGB” means Fédération des Associations Françaises de Grande-Bretagne.

“Institut” means l’Institut Français of Queensbury Place, South Kensington London.

“Member” means the association member of the FAFGB who wishes to use the Club.

“Club” means the Club named “Club Français” at the Institut.

2. Booking of the Club

If the Member wishes to book the Club, it will contact the FAFGB through the Website of the FAFGB no less than 15 days but no more than 3 months before the Date and will complete the booking form request on the website setting out the Date, time, type of event the Member wishes to rent the Club for and other information as requested.

The Member can also specify any special equipment which is required and the FAFGB will discuss with the Institut the possibility and cost of providing such equipment. For the use of special equipment provided by the Institut a technician will be provided by the Institut to ensure the proper use of the equipment and will be charged £20 per hour to the Member.

The Member can bring his own equipment into the Club and the Member understands that the said equipment and personal property, if left in the Club, is done so at Member’s risk. All equipment obtained from a source other than the Institut and other personal property of Member and Member’s employees, agents and invitees shall be removed by Member at the end of the event.

As of 17.12.2012 there are two types of Membership,

  • the Club Membership that includes access to the Club four times a year (for 4 hours each time)
    Annual fee £150
  • The Simple Membership that does not include access to the Club
    Annual fee £35

The rental fee for the Club is £60 per event (for 4 hours). In the case of Club Memberships the fee will apply for any booking beyond the four rentals included in the membership, in the case of Simple Memberships the rental fee will apply to each booking. All other conditions apply.

3. Availability of the Club

The Club will be available from 09.00hrs to 22.30hrs every day except on day when the Institut is closed. The FAFGB will contact the Member within 5 working days of the request to confirm the reservation of the Club.

The Member will be able to use the electronic devices included in the Club and must leave them in working order.

4. Deposit

The Member will pay the sum of £20 as a cleaning Deposit by sending a cheque to the FAFGB or by using paypal as soon as the reservation has been confirmed.

The Deposit will be refunded if the Club is returned in a clean condition and the Institut does not charge the FAFGB any amount for cleaning of the Club.

5. Member’s obligations

The Member will use the Club for the purpose given in the booking form and a maximum of 60 persons are allowed in the Club at any one time. The Member will ensure that the Club is left clean and is returned in the same condition as it was in when the Member was allowed possession.

6. Liability

The Member will be responsible and liable for any damage to the Club and any of the electrical and electronic equipment therein.

The Member agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the FAFGB from any and all loss, liability, cost, claim, damage, judgement or expense suffered directly or from third party claim, arising or resulting from the use of the Club by the Member, the activity of the Member, its agent or invitees or from the Member’s failure to abide and comply with any law, rule or regulation.

The FAFGB and the Institut will not be liable to the Member, its agents or invitees for any injury, loss or damage including but not limited to for theft or damage to any personal property.

7. Severability

If, at any time, any provision of this agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect under any law, neither the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions will in any way be affected or impaired.

8. Legal Construction

a)         No purported variation of this agreement shall take effect unless made in writing and signed by an authorised representative of each party.

b)         This agreement shall be governed by English Law and the parties hereto submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.